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Why go?

     We all want relationships that are fulfilling and life-giving, but people are not born with intrinsic knowledge of how to make a long-term relationship work. These skills need to be taught and learned throughout life. If we had a poor model of what a healthy relationship was supposed to look like, the chances are pretty slim that we would have been taught many skills for maintaining a healthy relationship.


     Relationships take a lot of intentional effort and in the business of life, it is easy to let your relationships fall to the wayside. Whether you are struggling to connect and communicate, deciding to get married, or you are seriously considering divorce, couples’ therapy is a good place to be intentional about your relationship again. Therapy creates space to learn some new skills and take stock of what is important.

Couples and Marriage Counselling

Who is it for?


      Couples and marriage therapy is not just for couples who are actively working to stay together. If you are in the process of deciding whether or not you want to be in the relationship, have separated, or are in the process/recently divorced, therapy can help to provide a safe space to help work through your feelings and  a mediator to help with the logistics of separating. It can also provide you with skills to separate well from your partner, giving you new communication techniques and respectful ways to implement boundaries. 

Our Approach

     When working with couples we utilize Emotion-Focused Therapy, Attachment Theory and The Gottman Method. Each of these styles places heavy emphasis on developing empathy,  understanding and developing better communication skills. Learning these things can help to bring about a shift in the relationship, moving away from "who started it" to "how do we move forward".  You can expect to walk away with a handful of research based tools that will allow you to communicate in new ways with one another about your needs and wants in the relationship. 

What can Couples and Marriage Counselling address?

Couples and Marriage Therapy can help with a variety of issues you may be facing.

Some of the things that can be looked at are:




Increasing Friendship

Sexual Expectations


Conflict Management Skills


Family Dynamics

Attachment Styles


Couple Dynamics and Expectations

Premarital Counselling

Divorce or Separation Care


Couples and Marriage Counselling:                 $199/session

If you think that Couples or Marriage Counselling may be right for you click the Book Now button to book your initial consultation for free!
This will be a no commitment phone call for us to chat and get to know one another to see if we would be a good match for therapy.

If you have a few more questions before booking, please reach out via the button below.
Alternatively you can email or phone directly. 

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