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Individual Counselling

Stressed Woman


     Not many of us are taught the skills to deal with life’s wear-and-tear well. More often than not, we find ourselves in situations where we simply do not know how to work through things on our own. As we become overwhelmed by the demands of life and underwhelmed by our own resources, anxious tendencies and depressive feelings grow. 

The catch to that is that our brains were never wired to do things on our own!

     It is an age-old idea that has been rediscovered as of late; our brains function at their best when we are interacting with others. We are meant to learn, grow and heal, in community. Unfortunately, we all too often find ourselves alone and isolated with our struggles and feeling powerless to overcome them.


Individual therapy is a great place to begin the journey out of those powerless feelings and make your way into ones of hope!

In the Woods

What can  Individual Counselling help with?

Individual counselling provides a lot of freedom to work through whatever

led you to seek counselling in the first place!


Some of the things that can be looked at are:







Coping Skills


Sleep issues or Insomnia

Substance Use



Life transitions




Individual Counselling:         $160/session
If you think that Individual Counselling may be right for you click the Book Now button to book your initial consultation for free!
This will be a no commitment phone call for us to chat and get to know one another to see if we would be a good match for therapy.

If you have a few more questions before booking, please reach out via the button below, or email or phone. 

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